Local Task Force

The Southwestern Local Task Force serves in an advisory and advocacy role to protect the rights of students with special needs; encourages the cooperation among public and private agencies; accentuate the positive; and act as a catalyst enhancing collaboration in education.

The Local Task Force considers problems brought to its attention by its members, and identifies system-wide issues that affect the education of all students. The Task Force investigates theses issues and recommends solutions as well as provides speakers and presentations to address areas of concern.


Who May Attend?

Any interested person or parent of a student with a disability may attend any of the regularly scheduled Local Task Force meetings. It is not necessary to be a member to attend, and no advance notice is necessary. You are always welcome.


2023/2024 Local Task Force Datesaver

History of the Local Task Force

In 1972, a consent agreement was made between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens regarding public education for retarded students. The Local Task Force was convened as part of that agreement to help assure that the intent and spirit of the right to Education Consent Decree were carried out. In 1975, Public Law 94-142 was passed, which guarantees all children with disabilities a free, appropriate, public education in the least restrictive environment.

Duties of the Task Force

The duties of the Local Task Force include:

  • Assist the administration in carrying out the rules and regulations growing out of the Right to Education Consent Decree
  • Assist parents of students with special needs in understanding the law/regulations that affect their rights and help develop an appropriate educational program for the student with special needs
  • Review recommendations of the State Task Force ad advise the administration of any recommendations which should be adopted or implemented in the Intermediate Unit 1 area
  • Encourage cooperation with public and private agencies which provide service to school age children with special needs
  • Identify local needs and problems and develop recommendations for consideration by appropriate agencies
  • Recommend solutions to problems in areas of concern as identified or brought to the attention of the task force
  • Advise on the best methods of informing the community about programs of special education
  • Assist the task force in the collection of data to determine the effectiveness of the Right to Education Consent Agreement


Parents, representatives of agencies serving the disabled, representatives of agencies advocating for the disabled, and educators are all eligible to become members of the Local Task Force. According to the Consent Decree, there must be a majority of parents on the committee. Interested parents are critical to the membership to keep the Local Task Force effective. Our members are from Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties.

Special Education Resources for Parents

Please click on the following to access the Local Task Force Google page. 


Contact Us

Stephanie Paolucci
Lead Supervisor of Special Education
724-938-3241 ext. 398

Dr. Kristin J. Szewczyk
Assistant Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator
724-938-3241 ext. 242

For more information about the Local Task Force, please call 724-938-3241 ext. 205.