IU1 Educational Campus at Colonial

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The Intermediate Unit 1 Educational Campus at Colonial provides a highly structured, comprehensive, supportive, safe atmosphere along with special education services not available in the public school setting. The highly qualified staff teaches curricula aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards in English, math, science, social studies, physical education, and health. Collaboration efforts with a variety of agencies enhance the program. Full-time social workers and a part-time psychologist provide behavior and social skills support. Staff also includes paraprofessionals, a school police officer, and two nurses.

Alternative Education

The Alternative Education program, started in March 1999, has grown from a student population of thirty-three to a potential student population exceeding one hundred. The State of Pennsylvania named the school a “Model Program” in April 2004. Fayette County and three Washington County school districts participate in the program.

The Alternative Education Program provides educational services for students, including those with an individualized education plan (IEP), in grades 7–12, identified by the sending districts or the IEP team as needing an alternative placement or students needing a 45-day interim alternative education placement. The program has a proactive approach that increases the likelihood that students will graduate with the skills necessary to enter the workforce and possibly attend institutions of higher learning.

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Therapeutic Emotional Support

Academic and emotional support is offered under the Therapeutic Emotional Support (TES) program for students in grades 6–12 who are unable to participate in regular educational programs because of severe behavioral or social skill deficits. TES offers positive behavioral interventions, individual and group counseling, conflict resolution, and character education according to the student’s IEP. The goal of the program is to help students develop the skills and behavior that enable them to return to their home school.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Emotional Support

The Comprehensive Therapeutic Emotional Support (CTES) at Colonial is designed for students who are in need of a therapeutic educational setting to address their emotional needs. Two classrooms provide services for students in grades K–3 and 4-6. The students receive a minimum of three hours of group and individual therapy a day, as determined by the IEP, with licensed social workers. Additionally, medication management is provided on site through a psychiatrist, as requested.

A review of a student’s progress is held with the parents, districts, and CTES staff every 20 days, allowing districts greater input and involvement as a better means of preparing students for transitioning back into the district setting.

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For More Information

For more information about the IU1 Educational Campus at Colonial, please contact:

Sean Van Eman
Principal, IU1 Educational Campus at Colonial
6353 National Pike Road
Grindstone, PA 15442

Leigh Dennick
Director of IU1 Special Education Services
724-938-3241 ext. 273