Charles F. Mahoney III Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

The Intermediate Unit 1 Charles F. Mahoney III Mental Health Outpatient Clinic provides an alternative for children, young adults, and families within Greene County, Pennsylvania who are seeking treatment for mental health.


As an educational agency by nature, IU1 focuses on the students and youth in the counties we serve to provided essential services in underserved areas. The goal of the IU1 Charles F. Mahoney III Mental Health Outpatient Clinic is to provide greater access to mental health treatment in Greene County and surrounding areas.


Mental illness can occur regardless of age, race, culture, gender, or location. The IU1 Charles F. Mahoney III Mental Health Outpatient Clinic recognized the need for mental health services in Greene County and developed a plan to address their specific needs and concerns.


The IU1 Charles F. Mahoney III Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

Provides children and young adults ages 3 and greater with access to quality Mental Health Services at no cost to those who reside in Greene County.


Patients will have access to:

  • children and youth specialized therapists individual counselling
  • psychiatric evaluations
  • medication management
  • family therapy
  • secure and welcoming environment


In addition to the many amenities the IU1 clinic offers, patients will receive treatment from a certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr. Geith Shahoud, of Western Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Resources.


Dr. Shahoud has treated a wide variety of patients with psychiatric disorders in southwestern Pennsylvania. He specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry, which is rare in southwestern Pennsylvania, as he recognized early in his career the growing need for mental health services for children.



If you or someone you know and love is in-need of mental health counseling and medication management, please contact:


IU1 Charles F. Mahoney Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

100 Evergreen Drive

Waynesburg, PA 15370

(724) 938-7043 | ext. 686

(724) 627-0511| Fax

 Appointments are now available and referrals can be seen immediately.



“Greene County Human Services is very happy to support the opening of this specialized mental health outpatient clinic, which will make mental health therapy and child and adolescent psychiatry available to our Greene County residents. The therapists and Psychiatrist will be working within the Greene County Mental Health continuum of care to help assure all levels of outpatient care and referral to out of county inpatient settings are accessible to all.”

- Karen Bennett, Human Services Administrator Greene County