Who We Are

One of the 29 Intermediate Units, Intermediate Unit 1 (IU1) was established in 1971 to serve the schools in Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties. Intermediate Units are led by an executive director and governed by boards of directors composed of school board members from member school districts.

During its first year of operation, Intermediate Unit 1 rented space in California, Pennsylvania, and employed 245 people. Today, Intermediate Unit 1 employs over 600 people and offers 143 services and programs including:

  • Consortia purchasing
  • Staff development
  • Online classes for students and professionals
  • Technology services
  • Consulting
  • Adult Basic Education services
  • English as a Second Language services
  • Special Education services
  • Liaison services to the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Our executive director, Dr. Donald W. Martin is supported by department directors in nine different departments.

Intermediate Unit 1 has an annual budget of $69 million. Funding sources include state subsidy, government and private foundation grants, contributions from districts, and fees for services.

Our Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives are carefully devised plans designed to achieve a paradigmatic shift in how the organization plans for and carries out its business enterprises.

Listed below are the strategic initiatives to be undertaken during the life of this strategic plan:


IU1 will become a leader in the development, implementation and evaluation of initiatives and practices designed to serve its educational clients.

Entrepreneurial Focus

IU1 will define its tasks and functions with an added entrepreneurial focus. We will define our present niche in the educational enterprise. After careful analysis of the needs of our educational clients and the competition, we will envision new and unique ways to serve our educational clients.

Focus on Internal Support System

IU1 will focus energy on assessing the connection among the various departments of the IU1 to provide effective and efficient services to our educational clients.

Expand Resource Base

IU1 will procure new revenue by developing profitable programs, obtaining federal and state grants as well as grants from educational foundations.

Nexus for Information Technology

IU1 will evolve as the hub of technological implementation and innovation.