Our Departments


Executive Director

Donald M. Martin
Executive Director

Kristin Szewczyk
Assistant Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator

Michele McVicker
Executive Administrative Assistant for the Executive Director

Adult, Nonpublic, and English as a Second Language Education Services

Dave Dunham
Supervisor, Educational Programs 

Rachel Zilcosky
Supervisor of Career Readiness and Adult Education

The IU1 Adult, Nonpublic and English as a Second Language Education Services department provides a wide-ranging array of services for non-traditional students.

Business Services

Thomas Shetterly
Assistant to the Executive Director for Finance and Operations

The Business Services Department provides group purchasing consortia, administrative support, consultation, delivery, and property management services.

Human Resources

Jennifer Judge
Assistant to the Executive Director for Human Resources/Lead Title IX Coordinator

The Human Resources department provides work-related guidance and support to IU1 employees, while assisting in organization planning.

Information Services

Joseph Lape
Supervisor of Technology Services

The Information Services department provides training, repair, delivery, video conferencing, and purchasing services, as well as offering a lending library and technical support.


Kenneth Meadows
Supervisor of Buildings, Grounds and Maintenance

The Operations Department provides billing services, child attendance, duplication and mail services, transportation, service contracts, and building security and safety.

Special Education Services

Dr. Kristin J. Szewczyk
Assistant Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator

The Department of Special Education Services provides comprehensive special education services for exceptional children, ages 3–21. It also assists local school districts in the delivery of effective special education services.

Center for Professional Development

Jenny Lent
Assistant to the Executive Director for Educational Programs

The Center for Professional Development offers staff development and support in assessments, curriculum, instruction, reading, early intervention, autism, assistive technology, interagency coordination, behavior, safety, and transition services.

Behavioral and Mental Health/Social Work Services

Charisse Bowman
Supervisor of Mental Health Services