Comprehensive Therapeutic Emotional Support

The Comprehensive Therapeutic Emotional Support (CTES) program provides therapeutic and educational services within Emotional Support placements as directed by the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The CTES program includes on-site master-level licensed social workers, trained in therapy and mental health, who provide therapy a minimum of three hours a day, as determined by the IEP. A licensed master-level program coordinator with a mental health certification and background provides therapeutic oversight to social workers performing therapy. A child and adolescent psychiatrist is on staff for medication evaluation and consultations, the duration of which is established by the IEP. Highly qualified teachers are in all classrooms. Reviews of student’s progress is held with the parents, districts, and CTES staff every 20 days, allowing districts greater input and involvement as a better means of preparing students for transitioning back into the district setting.

Therapeutic services are billed through school-based ACCESS by IU1 social workers, with oversight from the program coordinator.


Benefits of the CTES program include:

  • Continuum of care offers students seamless transition between various programs as the needs of the students change.
  • Coordination by master-level licensed social workers, in districts and campus school programs, makes for an effective and efficient transition for districts and students.
  • School district input is sought every 20 days with the CTES team, which includes IU1 staff, district staff, a psychiatrist, and the student’s family.
  • Bridged communication between therapeutic and educational program components is ensured.
  • There is no staffing responsibility for the school district, as the responsibility rests with IU1.
  • IU1 staff must be highly qualified to meet Pennsylvania Department of Education regulation, whereas private school placements do not fall under those regulations.

For More Information

For more information on the Comprehensive Therapeutic Emotional Support program, please contact:

Dr. Kristin J. Szewczyk
Assistant Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator
724-938-3241 ext. 242

Charisse Bowman
Supervisor of Mental Health Services
724-938-3241 ext. 246