Motivational Speaking

The Intermediate Unit 1 Center for Professional Development is proud to partner with the Adam P. Blank Public Speaking Company to offer motivation speaking services.

Motivational Speaker Adam Blank

Adam is an individual with challenges of visual impairment, albinism, and autism. He has a proven track record of inspiring audiences with his unique style, unbridled enthusiasm, and love for life and people. He has brought audiences of teachers to their feet while reminding them of why they entered their profession in the first place. He has touched the hearts of children and teens with his personal story of overcoming adversity and self-acceptance. He has opened the eyes of his audiences to the impact of bullying and intolerance.

Speaking Topics

Adam is available to speak to large audiences on the following topics:

Motivational Speaker Adam Blank

“It’s About Me, It’s About You!”

This focuses on how educators change lives although the results may not immediately be obvious. He zeroes in on special services and their impact on the lives of the students that participate in them.

“My Story of Empowerment: Meeting the Challenge”

Adam’s inspirational story of overcoming obstacles will lead audiences to believe they can accomplish anything, regardless of their circumstances.

“Finding My Way Out of a Dark Hole: A Tale of Bullying”

An eye-opening journey from the perspective of someone who has been bullied for being different, yet with perseverance learned to embrace his differences and become a champion. He speaks directly to victims, bystanders, and bullies about the changes that need to be made to put an end to this crisis.

For More Information

More information about Adam can be found at

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Please contact the Center for Professional Development for more information about booking Adam to present to your staff or students:

Jenny Lent
Assistant to the Executive Director for Educational Programs
Intermediate Unit 1
724-938-3241 ext. 268