Lending Library

The IU1 Lending Library is full of endless possibilities for educators and students alike! Educators can borrow current digital and technical tools to use within their classroom, from robotics to screen printing. Add innovation, creativity, and programming into your current curriculum and check out what all IU1 has to offer!

Lending Library materials and resources are available to be loaned out to school districts for a maximum of FOUR (4) WEEKS or 26 DAYS. Requests will be granted on a first come first serve basis. We do ask that you try to give at least a four week notice to allow for pick-up/delivery of items. To loan out Lending Library Materials educators must attend a professional development workshop on the desired item, once you have successfully completed the workshop you will be able to borrow from the Lending Library.

Learn more about the IU1 Lending Library and view our tools at https://sites.google.com/iu1.org/innovationanddesign/lending-library