Frequently Asked Questions

As an emergency substitute, how long can I be in the same position at a school?

20 continuous days.

Why do I have to attend all training sessions?

Because the department of education is permitting “non-educationally” certified persons to substitute in classrooms, in-depth training is required in the areas of instructional strategies, classroom management, and policies and procedures of the school districts. The training sessions focus on critical components of subbing. The sessions are provided at various times during the year. There is no late entry nor any make-up sessions for a particular session.

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes, you need to register using Solutionwhere, the Intermediate Unit 1 registration system.

Do I need to have all of the requirements in the packet completed prior to the training?

No. It's possible that completion of all necessary information may take until the end of the final session. For example: Child Abuse clearances usually take 4 weeks to be returned to you; several weeks can be involved in order to receive your “unopened” transcripts as well as scheduling a doctor's appointment, etc.

When will I be ready to substitute?

Once the training is completed, it takes two weeks to get the certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. All paperwork must be completed before your application is submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

How long does the certification last?

One school year.

If I'm working on my educational certification and waiting for my Praxis results, can I participate in this program?

Yes. You can get classroom experience as well as exposure of your teaching skills in our local districts.

If I'm certified by IU1, can I substitute in other Intermediate Units?

No, only the districts in Fayette, Washington, and Greene counties that recognize the Emergency Substitute certificate.

What schools are involved?

IU1 serves 25 school districts in Fayette, Washington, and Greene counties. Each year the districts are invited to participate in the Emergency Substitute program. Not all of the districts will accept a “non-certified” individual. You will be provided with a list of the participating districts.

If I have an out of state teaching certificate will I be recognized as a regular substitute or emergency substitute?

You can participate in these trainings and work as an emergency substitute. You can also contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education to learn how you apply for a Pennsylvania teaching certificate.

Where does the training take place?

Intermediate Unit 1 Center for Professional Development

Intermediate Unit One
Center for Professional Development
One Intermediate Unit Drive
Coal Center, PA 15423