Nonpublic Education Services

The Nonpublic School Services Program of Intermediate Unit 1 is part of the Department of Adult, Nonpublic, and ESL Education Service. The following state and federal grant projects are offered to nonpublic school students as part of the Nonpublic School Services Program of Intermediate Unit 1:

  • Act 89 Auxiliary Services (state)
  • Title I Services to Nonpublic School Students (federal)
  • Title IIa Improving Teacher Quality (federal)
  • Title III English as a Second Language (Federal, nonpublic, and public)

Intermediate Unit 1 provides the above-mentioned programs to students in nonpublic schools within the geographical boundaries of Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties. Eligible students are Pennsylvania resident students enrolled in and attending full-time in Pennsylvania non-profit nonpublic schools that have submitted the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) “Affirmation of Eligibility of Students” to the Division of Nonpublic, Private and Charter School Services.

To access the services provided through Act 89 Auxiliary Services, nonpublic schools must provide Intermediate Unit 1 with a letter of request for services. To access the services provides through the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) title programs, a nonpublic school must complete an intention to participate form and complete a grant application each year.

In addition, representatives from participating nonpublic schools are requested to attend two consultation meetings during each program year. These meetings are held at Intermediate Unit 1 during the fall and spring of each year. Also, a needs assessment/evaluation form must be completed by each participating nonpublic school.


For More Information

For more information about these services for nonpublic schools, or if you have any questions, please contact:

David Dunham
Supervisor of Educational Programs
Intermediate Unit 1
Office #: 724-938-3241 ext. 261