Future-Proof Technology

alma logoYour district needs a solid technical foundation today, and tomorrow. Upgrading to Alma brings you the most cutting-edge, future-ready SIS on the market.

Commitment to Pennsylvania

Alma is working closely with IU1 to help get the word out across PA, developing a seamless integration with eScholar, offering unlimited storage for career artifacts, and ever-responsive to PIMS changes.

Agile Development

Alma continues to innovate through our Agile development framework. Updates to the system are launched every week in response to user feedback by a team of the industry's leading engineers and product developers.

Unlimited Support

Alma preserves your technology team's time and resources. Simple tasks like assisting with gradebook, settings changes, and other tech support is handled within Alma. Additionally, email, phone, and in-app support is available to all school and district staff.

Please learn more about Alma by visiting their website.