Carmichaels Area School District

Students and staff at Carmichaels Area School District live by three pillars: RESILIENCY which acts as their compass, EXPERIENCES which act as their pathway, and CAREERS which are the destination. With the end goal of success for the students in mind, whether it be in the form of graduation or obtaining a career after leaving the halls of CASD, these pillars provide a framework for those targets.

In adhering to the pillars while understanding that each student has their own unique interests and hobbies, the administration along with the educators have gone above and beyond to try and provide them with a variety of different courses and programs. With hopes of developing interests that might already be there or identifying an interest in something new by introduction to a career-based course or a hands-on project, the teachers and staff do their best to present a plethora of options and opportunities that can do just that.

Preparing students for their lives post-high school is the number one priority of Carmichaels Area School District. If you want to see proof of that, all you need to do is look at their incredibly inventive and resourceful course list. If you need to fulfill a Social Studies credit, you can take an interesting class called “The History of Disease.” Maybe “Applied Artificial Intelligence” is what you would choose to take for a Technology credit. For an elective, you can select from an assortment of unique courses like, “News Reporting” or “Personal Financing.” And when it comes to state-of-the-art technology available to the students, the tools at hand are top-notch. With Esports (electronic sports) quickly becoming a worldwide sensation, Carmichaels has established an arena in the library, and Esports teams to participate in leagues.

The STEM Club has mastered the designing and making of T-shirts, cups, phone cases, and jewelry, just to name a few items, that they sell as part of a student-ran business. They’ve got broadcasting, video production, marketing, and all sorts of communication-based courses for those looking at a career in the media. For those looking for more of an in-depth experience, EMS Field Training and trips to Allegheny General Hospital are offered, to give students on-site preparation, putting them one step closer to a successful career after graduation. Not to mention, they’ve even got a flight simulator for those who might want to go into aviation!

With all of that said, it’s clear that sparking inspiration, encouraging innovation, and the presentation of real-world experiences are just some of the many factors behind Carmichaels’ mission for their students. When a Mike graduates from CASD, you can be sure they’ll be ready to take on the world.

Special thanks to Carmichaels Area School District Superintendent Mr. Fred Morecraft for the tour of the school, and for allowing IU1 to showcase the school district.