Range Resources Scholarship

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Range Resources Scholarship Application https://forms.gle/rUyKVjZo8XngQEx28

Range Resources, in partnership with IU1, is offering a $2,000.00 scholarship opportunity to high school seniors in Washington County and Beaver County (please see the list of applicable schools below).

These seniors exemplify the spirit learning through their academics, leadership skills, career goals, volunteerism or civic-mindedness, and extra-curricular activities.  Scholarships will be awarded to 2 students from each of the applicable districts. Scholarships will be awarded to the following applicants:

  • - 1 scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a trade/technical degree (two or four year degree)
  • - 1 scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a college/university degree (four year degree)

Applicants must submit at least one reference from a non-relative, example: teacher, coach, co-worker, ect. this should include the reference's name, title, and contact information and a brief description on why you should receive this scholarship.

All applications must be received by April 11, 2022.  No late applications will be accepted.

** Application is 4 sections in length, all sections must be completed. **

Applicable schools:

  • - Avella
  • - Bentworth
  • - Burgettstown
  • - Canon-McMillan
  • - Chartiers-Houston
  • - Fort Cherry
  • - McGuffey
  • - Ringgold
  • - Trinity
  • - Washington
  • - Western Area Career and Tech
  • - South Side Area (Beaver)