Project Egress

Project Egress hatch image

This summer students at the IU1 Educational Campus at Waynesburg with the assistance of their Fab Lab Instructor, Mr. John Kopp, participated in an amazing build for project Egress, that is now part of the Smithsonian Museum! This is very exciting because IU1 appears on a plaque beside this piece in the museum!

The National Air and Space Museum teamed up with and Adam Savage to work on this collaborative build project of the hatch door from the Apollo 11 Command Module. Over the past month, the team and the Smithsonian Digitization Program Office have been working hard to scan, compile, edit, curate, and publish all the documentation of Project Egress. The 3D rendering is now available for all to explore and inspect each component and read about the makers who crafted it. This is very exciting as IU1 appears on a plaque beside this piece in the museum! Look for #14 and you will see what the students at the Waynesburg have crafted for the hatch (left hand double latch assembly with puller). Read more about the project and what Waynesburg has been up to at Meet the Maker.

Check out the full one-day-build video of the hatch being assembled at NASM that went live on and Youtube and has already reached 90K views! In addition, you can find the interactive model of Project Egress on the Smithsonian 3D home page.


Picture credit, courtesy of and the Smithsonian Digitization Program Office.