Mapletown High School Celebrates 100 Years

Mapletown High School Celebrates 100 Years Wall of Honor

Mapletown Jr. Sr. High School marked its 100th anniversary in grand style Sunday May 5th, 2024, celebrating a century of educational excellence and deep community roots. The original building, completed in 1924, stands as a testament to the school's enduring legacy, having been expanded upon in 1939 and 1963. The day began with opening remarks in the gymnasium, where speakers recognized the school's storied history and its pivotal role in shaping generations of students. The high school band set the festive tone with a vibrant performance, complemented by individual students who delighted the audience with their musical talents.

Throughout the afternoon, students offered guided tours, providing visitors with an insider's look at the school’s unique features and cherished memories. Attendees perused and purchased yearbooks from years gone by, capturing a glimpse of the past and preserving treasured moments. The front lobby showcased the digital interactive Wall of Honor, allowing guests to explore an extensive archive of photos from the school's history, evoking nostalgia and sparking shared stories among alumni and visitors.

Guests also enjoyed door prizes and could sport commemorative t-shirts, proudly displaying their connection to the school. The Greene County CTC food truck treated attendees to free nachos, adding a tasty touch to the festivities. The day culminated with a special presentation by State Representative Bud Cook, who offered a heartfelt citation recognizing the school's remarkable milestone and its contributions to the community. The event was a fitting tribute to a century of achievement and a promising start to the next 100 years for Mapletown Jr. Sr. High School.

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