Mobile Fab Lab

Bring the IU1 Fab Lab to you!

 IU1 Fab Lab

About the Mobile Fab Lab

Our Mobile Fab Lab provides access to the same equipment as our stationary lab, but at a smaller scale.

The lab is pulled by our pickup truck and can be powered either through the host’s building or via the generator we provide. Our electrical plug for the power hookup is 220 volts/50 amps. The cord that we provide is 25 feet long and has a 3 pole 4 wire grounding plug that requires a 14-50R outlet.

We provide:

  • In-service training for teachers prior to the lab visit
  • Pennsylvania certified instructors
  • Equipment, including:
    • Large computerized numerical control (CNC) router: the ShopBot
    • 3D desktop mill and scanner
    • Vinyl cutter
    • Laser engravers
    • 3D printers and accompanying computers and software for designing
    • Programming and machines communications
  • Materials and supplies for all projects

The host for the Mobile Fab Lab should provide:

  • Three days for the lab visit
  • Time for the initial site visit
  • Electrical hook-up within 75 feet (220 volt, 50 amp)
  • Secure, level, and paved parking area measuring 10' × 50'
  • A classroom teacher