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Chartlytics is a curriculum agnostic precision measurement system based on Precision Teaching and the Standard Celeration Chart for measuring the effects of behavioral reduction and academic improvement interventions
Chartlytics’ measurement software enables live/real-time charting for educators to help identify goals, monitor student progress and then communicate to a variety of stakeholders through reports that monitor and forecast student progress.   This is web-based educational software to reach every learner through standardized charting of behavior and the precise measurement of learning.
Precision Teaching is a method in which practitioners base educational decisions on changes in continuously monitored performance frequencies. The method evaluates teaching strategies and determines if they’re working. It provides a strong scientific basis for changing behavior, and is consistently proving to achieve powerful results.  Chartlytics applies the science of precision measurement, the science of individual measurement and performance/learning improvement.

Contact: Jenny Lent 724-938-3241