IU1 Fab Lab featured on The Adam Savage Maker Tour Video Series

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Adam Savage has undertaken a national makerspace tour designed to highlight innovation in maker education, entrepreneurship and workforce development. Check out the first video of the series, as he visits the IU1 Colonial Campus!

image of Adam Savage in front of the mobile IU1 Fabrication Lab.
Adam Savage kicks off the Makerspace Tour at the IU1 Fab Lab, Colonial Campus!

The Adam Savage Maker Tour video series on launched on Monday, March 13, 2017 on www.Tested.com today. The first video, which features the IU1 Fab Lab and Colonial students, went live at 6 pm ET after Adam Savage announced it at the SXSW panel later that day.

Make sure you check out the Colonial students and the IU1 Fab Lab, funded by Chevron and the Fab Foundation, at www.Tested.com and also on Tested's YouTube channel.

They will be rolling out one video a week always on Mondays so check back in to see other great makerspaces in our area.

Check it out...