Mobile Fab Lab Visits Chamber of Commerce

A 3D printed housing unit from the IU1 Fab Lab for a Toyota seat adjustment prototype. This file part was designed and given to us by the Baltec Corporation.

About one month ago, the Intermediate Unit 1 was invited to attend the Washington County Chamber of Commerce on November 5, 5:00 pm–8:00 pm to give a presentation and tour of the Mobile Fab Lab. Our goal was to help expose our new program towards the multiple business leaders of the Washington County area and promote it in the areas of prototyping, internships for students, professional development/training for current employees, as well as career awareness for the students of IU1.

It was not long after the IU1 was invited for the Chamber of Commerce that we were approached by Baltec Corporation in order to show what our Fab Lab was capable of for the meeting.The company representative gave us a file to a seat adjustment part they manufacture for Toyota and was hoping that we could create a cheap and efficient prototype using our lab.

After presenting the recently made part along with the sample projects I brought with me, we sparked great interest by people having in-depth questions for all of the possibilities in helping their businesses. We ended the night by taking the business leaders in groups to tour our mobile lab parked outside the building which stirred excitement all around.

It’s only been a few days since that meeting, and Mr. Mahoney, Mr. Martin, and myself are already getting contacts for helping more businesses in the future. We now have a project lined up with Sunnyside Supply and will be establishing a meeting with them within the next week. This is only the start for many more partnerships to come for the IU1 Fab Lab and the business world.