Brandon Prentice

Fab Lab Manager

Brandon Prentice is a technology educator, mentor, and manager for the IU1 Fab Lab program. He’s a hands-on generalist when it comes to construction technology, engineering, manufacturing, and graphic design. You can find him on Twitter talking about Fab Lab conventions, community events, student projects, and other lab experiences.

Elementary Students Create Chandelier Project

Between December 2nd and 11th, our Mobile Fab Lab visited the Fort Cherry School District to bring our fabrication curriculum to the classrooms. A considerable amount of time was spent working with the fifth grade students in designing and fabricating a chandelier project to hang in the front lobby of the elementary school.

Mobile Fab Lab Visits Chamber of Commerce

The IU1 brought their Mobile Lab to Washington County's Chamber of Commerce to promote partnering with businesses in the areas of prototyping, internships for students, professional development/training for current employees, as well as career awareness for the students of IU1.