The Breakaway—Independence for Teachers and Students (Cancelled)

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Online Course

Please be advised that this course has been cancelled.

“The Breakaway: Independence for Teachers and Students” is a course for Teachers in grades K-12 and meets the following professional development criteria: teaching and learning and professional development and behavior. Participants will complete lessons which include reading of text and various online research, discussion board participation, a variety of assignments such as summaries and lesson plans, final project, and a pre and post assessment. Participants will be assessed using a multiple choice/true/false pre and post assessment. Scores on the post assessment must be at least 80%.
Think about the age old adage, the chicken-and-egg dilemma which begs the question: What comes first, good instruction or appropriate behavior? “The Caring Teacher’s Guide to Discipline” couples with lessons and online research stresses the combination of both. In today’s diverse classroom teachers are faced with varying backgrounds and learning styles, a wide range of academic and emotional needs, and a plethora of misbehaviors. Finding a balance to handle all of this plus the pressures from legislation, administration, parents, the community and our own lives can be a daunting task. This course is designed to lift some of the burden off of our shoulders and make students and parents accountable for learning and behaviors as well. This goal is accomplished by setting limits, giving students and parents responsibility, helping them develop confidence in their abilities, engaging them in learning, and teaching them how to solve problems and make good judgments, as well as by correcting misbehavior which are all addressed throughout this course.

“The Breakaway: Independence for Teachers and Students” is a two credit, six week long course (60 hours). It will be conducted online and participants will be encouraged to read lessons, read text, explore online resources, search for resources, complete assignments and to share expertise in the discussion board about knowledge gained through readings about discipline and behavior. Required assignments include: reading lessons, reading text, exploring resources, discussion board participation, various summaries and lesson plans, pre and post assessments, and an individual final project in the form of a written action plan for implementation paper or other choice.

Students may expect to spend approximately 20 hours of online time and 20 hours of out for class which will include internet research, discussion board participation, and assignments the first 4 weeks. The following two weeks (20 hours) will be utilized for completing a project, the post-test, reflections, and course evaluations.

This course is online and available for 24 hours a day during the term of the course. Participants have 2 weeks from the end of the course to finish work.

This is an online course. You will receive specific information concerning this course or workshop on the day before the start date. A User ID and link to the course site will be emailed to you at that time, there will not be any additional electronic communications before then. All Students Must Purchase Own Book: Title: The Caring Teacher´s Guide to Discipline: Helping Young Students Learn Self-Control, Responsibility, and Respect, Second Edition. Author: M.E. Gootman. ISBN: 978-0-7619-7686-8.

Participants must have a working knowledge of computers and Internet use, high speed Internet access, and a working email account for the duration of the course.

Instructor: Jillian Vitolo-Brown

Cost: $240

Credits/Hours: 2 Continuing Professional Education Credit


For more information about this event, contact:

Jillian Vitolo-Brown