Mentoring New Teachers

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Online Course

This course is for all educators in all grades and meets the following professional development criteria: Teacher teaching skills and reading comprehension.

Mentor teachers fulfill many important roles for new teachers ~ teacher, friend, guide, coach, and role model. Research shows that the number one impact increasing teacher knowledge and skills is effective professional development. Effective one-on-one mentoring provides the most personalized professional growth opportunity available for a new teacher. This course will provide mentor teachers with research-based strategies to effectively mentor new teachers. Additionally, participants will become familiar with: mentoring best practices, comparing and contrasting mentoring models, and applying information gleaned from the course to real-world scenarios.

Target Audience: Any teacher who is interested in being a mentor teacher at some point in their career.

Class Assignments: Assignments include viewing lesson presentations and writing reflections; sharing and discussing important concepts in discussion boards, blogs and wikis; job-embedded assignments; and a summative assessment in the form of a mentoring plan will count as the final project. Additionally, a pre- and post-test will be administered in order show progress.

Make sure your email address and PDE ID# is correct in your account on this site.

Instructor: Jeff Taylor

Cost: $240.00

Credits/Hours: 2 Continuing Professional Education Credit


For more information about this event, contact:

Jeff Taylor
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment and Special Programs