Teaching Critical Thinking Skills: Chess

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Online Course

This course is for all teachers in grades K-12 and meets the following professional development criteria: enhances content knowledge and teaching skills, reading comprehension, math skills, and provides the knowledge and skills for administrators to think and plan strategically.
Participants will complete a written project, performance assessment and an action plan for implementation.
Participants are required to write two lessons plans with PA standards listed. Lesson plans must be ways to use chess in the classroom. Such as: writing notations or math problems.

This course highlights how to use the game of Chess in the classroom setting. Chess Federation sets will be utilized and on-line play of the game will be attempted. The course will emphasize how to play the game of Chess and implement Chess into the classroom setting. Participants will learn strategies and fundamentals of the game. The course will involve use of the Chess Federation Guide and Chess sets.

Required out of class work includes reading two chess articles and writing two lessons plans using Chess that align with the Pennsylvania State Standards. The instructor will provide an overview of critical thinking skills and the many uses of playing chess. Chess playing guides will be given to the class.

The lecture will include the following: 1. PSSA and Critical Thinking Skills 2. Many uses of Chess in the classroom. 3. Chess articles will be given to participants. 4. Rules and information about playing Chess. 5. Demonstration of the game. 6. Beginning to play the game of chess. The participants will be given time to practice the game. Participants will be given instructions on the requirements for the assignment and will engage in discussion about the assignment. The instructor will answer any questions about the assignment and review game play. The instructor will demonstrate how to use chess in the classroom. The participants will be given time to practice and write skills in playing the game.

The lecture will include: 1. Uses of critical thinking skills. 2. Chess play time (fundamentals). 3. Advanced strategies of the game. 4. Lesson review. 5. Conclusion/Wrap up

Participants will be given time to write strategies and play the game with a partner. Participates will work on lesson plans that correlate with the Pennsylvania State Standards. Participants will turn in two lesson plans.

You do not need to know how to play chess to take this course.

Cost: $140.00

Credits/Hours: 1 Continuing Professional Education Credi


For more information about this event, contact:

Jenny Lent
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
724-938-3241 ext. 268