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Note: Application Deadline Has Passed

Please note that the application deadline for this job posting has passed.

This is a full-time, itinerant position.  The Itinerant Hearing Support Teacher is responsible for the planning and/or adoption of the educational program to enable deaf and hearing impaired students to benefit from the educational experience. These teachers are qualified to complete activities including:  assess and teach deaf and hearing impaired students; develop individual education programs; teach special education students and to counsel special education students who are deaf or hard of hearing regarding the impact their hearing loss may have on their education.  This professional is responsible for meeting the duties of teaching as outlined in CSPG No. 62, laws, Board Policy, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Deadline to Apply:

Location: Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties


  • B.S. Education (Hearing Impaired)
  • Student teaching, field experience, day-to-day or long-term substitute experience
  • Knowledge in Hearing impaired and deafness
  • Knowledge in Assessment procedures
  • Knowledge in Instructional strategies
  • Knowledge in Special education procedures
  • Knowledge in Assistive listening devices
  • Skill in Communication methodologies
  • Skill in Interpersonal relationships

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:

  • PA Certificate: Special Education-Deaf and Hard of Hearing

For more details on this position, please review the full job description for this position.

Interested candidates can apply for the position using the link below. Questions about the position or IU1 can be directed to the Human Resources department by calling 724-938-3241 ext. 237, or by sending an email to .


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